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Backpacktraplife….The merge of two significant worlds. The modern day yin and yang, the normal mixed with the complex, the simple mixed with the deep. College is the classroom, and field trips are in the streets. Our mission is to skip a class to go learn another lesson, and share what we’ve learned at the table in the form of a desk, and the sidewalk. To take the streets to school , and the school to the streets. Backpacktraplife is a lifestyle, Backpacktraplabel is a manifestation of that lifestyle. if the truth fits wear it! Open your ears to hear a new wave of sound and music that will have you bouncing and tickling your conscious bone while guiding you through the Backpacktraplife culture. Navigate through the latest Backpacktraplife videos, and keep up with the hottest high end street fashion and apparel.

Production credits include: MURS, Chop Black, Yukmouth, Sandman Negus, Yung Berg, Papoose and many more!